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              Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL)
              Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL)is located in a beautiful town named Xukou in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.half an hour drive from Shanghai.
              SRL is a professional manufacturer which operates in mold designing, mold manufacturing and injection molding. SRL specializes in automotive, consumer electronic components and  medical parts with high quality and excellent service,We have high precision mould machining and molding equipments, with certificated ISO9001:2015, SRL performs DFMEA by core of R&D team and detect failure mode on customer's products & moulds before the final mold design fixed. SRL provide electronics parts , moulds for world-known clients.                                                  
              With the development of SRL, we will be continuously providing  our client  products with high quality and excellent service, and closely working together with clients to unfold a shared glorious chapter in the future.

              Address:No. 408 Xu Shi Road, Xu Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wuzhong District Tel:0512-66953306 E-mail:Bella.mao@shirunlong.com
              Copyright ? Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL) 蘇州網站建設:華網天下
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