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              Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL)
               We have our own training facilities, which regularly be used for internal training courses.
              The new recruits and existing staff are required to take different training courses,for which enables us to ensure the correct operation of our employees,to ensure smooth in the manufacturing process. And offer a highly skilled workforces for mold manufacturing and injection molding production.                                                
              In order to attract outstanding professionals, we will establish contact with the technical school,and conveys the excellent graduates with great passion in mould industry. Their devotion ,hard working,innovative thought thought bring the team vitality which be regarded as new blood of SRL mold.we believe that investment in the future is paramount to remaining competitiveness in mould making and molding injection industry specifically.
              Address:No. 408 Xu Shi Road, Xu Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wuzhong District Tel:0512-66953306 E-mail:Bella.mao@shirunlong.com
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