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              Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL)
              Our R&D team can provide clients with one-stop solution from reverse engineering, product design, CAE, mold design etc.
              We use UG, Mold flow, AutoCAD software to design hot runner molds, , gas-assisted molds, 2K molds, multi-cavity mold, IMD & INS molds according to HASCO,DME,MISUMI mold standard to serve  domestic and international clients.

              Address:No. 408 Xu Shi Road, Xu Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wuzhong District Tel:0512-66953306 E-mail:Bella.mao@shirunlong.com
              Copyright ? Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL) 蘇州網站建設:華網天下
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