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              Suzhou Shirunlong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd(SRL)
              Project Management is the key to run programs successfully. With focus on project progress, quality and cost, project management process and performance estimating system are established. The project manager responsibility system is adopted.
              At the same time, the project teams which comprising the professional staff in business, technology, machining, assembly, mould test, and quality are set up and assigned to each project. With emphasis on the customer’s demands, the company use the modern management system such as ERP and OA etc. to make a good communication with customers, it promotes the realization of the three-element goal and effectively guaranteeing the various key milestones which the customers required.

              Address:No. 408 Xu Shi Road, Xu Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wuzhong District Tel:0512-66953306 E-mail:Bella.mao@shirunlong.com
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